Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

The difference between 1 and 3 years old?  Profound.

The difference between 10 and 12?  Puberty.

The difference between 20 and 22?  Legal drinking age.

The difference between 36 and 38?  Like falling down a flight of stairs, knocking yourself unconscious, and waking up several hours later, thinking "What the fuck just happened?"

I will enlighten you on my perspective of later years as they come to me.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Beginning…Again

It's time to start blogging again.  The decision has been made.  It's final.  Unless, of course, I decide not to.  Like an ornery teenage girl, I tend to change my mind a lot.
I will try to make my posts brief.  Why?  Because there's nothing worse than a long-winded diatribe about politics, or religion, or how to bake perfect cookies, or where I went to buy a new pair of shoes.  That's what Facebook is for.  If you have to scroll down a War & Peace length blog post, then there's something wrong.  I think it's perfectly acceptable to be entertaining, intelligent, profound, humorous, and interesting in several short paragraphs.
But again, being like that ornery teenage girl, I might just say "fuck it" one day and write as much as I damn well please.
The problem I've had with blogging in the past has been a theme.  Apparently a theme is like the brick-and-mortar of blogging.  I get it, I really do.  As humans we crave structure.  We want things to be simple and easy.  I think this is important, but I don't think it's always necessary.  Sometimes it's just as crucial to step outside the box (or, in some cases, jump).  For example, Beyonce just released a new album out of nowhere.  No promotion, no advertising, no pre-release single.  Talk about shaking things up.  Well played, Beyonce, well played.
So here I am, no theme.  I'm themeless.  Without theme.  And, if you say theme over and over again, it starts to sound totally ridiculous.  Like a speech impediment.  And now you're trying it, and you're ticked off because I manipulated you into it.  But it was all in good fun.
That's what I'll go with for now: all in good fun.  Does that mean I have a theme now?
Oh, and here's a kitten.